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"Spiky Lashes"

"Spiky Lashes"

An exact digital copy of the makeup look Erin created on Gigi Hadid for "Camp" Met Gala red carpet was made accessible in 10 colors digitally.

green test-_1.gif

Valdé Beauty and Image Works Display, created a real-world Metaverse—a mixed reality experience that a user can access through their phone.

The editorial full face glitter look by renowned makeup artist Lotstar now shines bright on thousands of faces because of this IG filter. 

Lottie 2_1.gif

Halloween filter, designed for a YouTube collaboration with Safiya Nygaard, features five creative looks inspired by YouTuber's hallmarks.


Gamified virtual try-on filter got colour digitalisation down to science enabling naturalistic colour experience for a wide range of skin tones.

LASHIFY "Your face
but better"

A soft natural tan and light skin make-up create a perfect go-to filter for stories and live videos

"beauty cover"

The digital remake of Numéro Magazine's beauty cover story aims to connect the editorial and social media worlds.

Lottie 2_3.gif

This AR filter featuring iconic dark makeup looks from Val Garland's portfolio is an interactive experience of her fashion shows archive.

Playful virtual try-on look features the most recent beauty product released by the brand, green glitter made purely from bamboo.

green test-.gif

Kara Beauty randomizer filter has a precise digital copy of the DazzleLashes collection, a playful take on a virtual try-on experience of the product.

The filter inspired by the cult TV show, Euphoria, features an ambient face glow, and holographic crystals transorming into smokey, tear-dripping eyes.


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