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"We brought the "GlitterEyes" filter to the fashion shows that we sponsored at NYFW and got unexpectedly high numbers of views for our growing profile. This was a really effective way for our brand to reach a target audience and involve our community. Also, the glitter design was incredibly realistic. Our product was the star of the show!"


Results OF the CAMPAIGN:


Within the first two days

9,100 OPENS

In four months with 2.6% interaction rate


4% of viewers visited brand's IG on the first week



Submission Beauty searched for a way to engage with their audience and expand the reach of their brand. Along with supporting a new product release they needed an effective way to captivate future consumers.

In collaboration, we created a filter inspired by the brand's drag esthetics, a bold eyeliner look using a hyper-realistic texture of their new green glitter.


We came up with numerous ways for users to discover the filter in order to create maximum reach.

First, through an Instagram launch campaign that brought 323K impressions in 2 days. Second, through QR codes distributed to Saint Sintra and Private Policy shows at NYFW, which allowed audience members to discover the brand and interact with the new product. Third, the QR code can also be found on the brand's website and inside of each purchase. This way their customers can try the glitter on virtually before buying the product.

Let's Chat With Submission Beauty

An interview with the founder, Zenia Jaeger

What inspired you to create Submission Beauty?

"As a makeup artist working across the world for decades, I've tried so many natural beauty products. It always confused me how companies would go to such lengths to ensure all the ingredients were natural, earth-friendly, organic, etc., but would then sell them in plastic.

I knew there was a void in the industry and understood it was the right time for me to do something about it. The extensive research came first, I wanted to make sure that every step of the process was considered—everything from harvesting and sourcing ingredients to production and shipping. The things that the customers don't know about are just as important as the final product. I also wanted to show that earth-friendly and responsible beauty can look fantastic. We are proud to be luxurious and high-end while also remaining affordable and inclusive. "

Why was it important to create a zero-plastic brand?

"There is no better time than now; we're already decades too late. Plastic has become so omnipresent, and while the message is more clear when it comes to food and drinks, people still aren't as aware of the dangers of plastic in everyday products on their bathroom shelves. It goes beyond the obvious tragic devastation of our environment, oceans, and waterways. Plastic has a severe impact on animals and our bodies as well.

It frustrates me to see beauty companies that have the financial backing to make a difference in ingredients and packaging choosing the plastic route. It's unfortunately too convenient not to care. I want people to stop relying on what's more practical and try a bit harder." 

Do you consider Submission an activist brand?

"We may be seen as such by some because we are so strongly opinionated and haven't shied away from being very loud about the causes we believe in from day one. But I don't think we can take credit as being actual activists. I think activism looks different than what we are doing; activism is dedicating your life to being out on the streets, demonstrating, marching, and fighting every moment of the day.

As a company, our "activism" means that we are hyper-focused on sharing every aspect of our process along the way, always engaging our community and making sure we are transparent. I want to share how we do things so that I can be called out if I make mistakes. I welcome that; I understand that even though we are trying to do everything the way we see it to be the most responsible, we can't always get it right."

What made you blend the beauty brand with the editorial platform?

"It was important for me to start a platform to share the stories of our community. I can't imagine trying to build a brand like Submission without highlighting and uplifting a variety of unique perspectives on beauty. 
I'm tired of reading about the same people doing business as usual. I want to hear about a punk ceramicist in Bay Ridge, a genderfucking poet who's dressed to the nines when performing, a musician who performs playing the electromagnetic soundwaves of a mushroom, you know? Also, we honestly can't help but mix the two aspects of what we are passionate about. Most of us come from a fashion and beauty background and love reimagining the way we can tell beautiful life stories while sharing the message of caring for our planet."

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