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  SAFIYA   NygaArd

Beyond expectations! We were so thrilled to see our project featured as one of the most popular TikTok filters and see so many people engage with it.

Big thanks to Sofi and her team for becoming great partners on every step of the way, being fast, flexible, attentive, and never shying away from a challenge. Always on top of the game!


Results oF the campaign:

60,792,000 IMPRESSIONS

Within the first five months 

2,575,000 OPENS

Within the first five months 

219,200 POSTS

Within the first five months 



Safiya Nygaard is a famous American YouTube content creator with over 9.6 million subscribers. She rose to fame through her personal style, fashion hauls, and beauty product experiments. It led her to release a collaborative collection with ColourPop and be featured in Allure, Variety, and Washington Post. Through the years, Safiya has established herself as one of the most recognizable figures in the fashion and beauty industry on Youtube.



Safiya Nygaard and MaqillAR Studio partnered to make an AR filter for the YouTuber’s TikTok and Instagram. The main purpose behind the project for Safiya was to experiment with new popular technology and to educate her audience about AR filters and their creation process. Maquillar was challenged to create five looks for both platforms, designed to be entertaining and easy for anyone to recreate.


The design of Halloween looks focused on capturing Safyia's personality by incorporating influencers' hallmarks: bats and aliens. We aimed to make each look exciting to play with through unexpected make-up design choices and animated 3D objects. The launch was intentionally set three weeks before Halloween, which allowed the project to be featured on the first page of "Trending" effects days before the holiday and to inspire a broad community of influencers to create.

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