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Collaboration with MaquillAR was very easy and straightforward. They digitalized lipstick colors for us to work well for all skin tones and handled the complex technical part of the project well. From strategy to implementation, they were an attentive and thoughtful partner.

 LYS beauty



The first Black-owned Sephora Clean Makeup brand- LYS Beauty, is dedicated to promoting inclusivity in the beauty industry and empowering all women through its diverse color ranges. The brand's mission is to provide high-quality, clean makeup products that are not only good for the skin but also celebrate and enhance the unique qualities of each individual.



LYS beauty came to us looking for an AR filter to promote their latest lip product collection. The challenge in creating the effect was to enable 81 lipstick and lipliner shade combinations. We were asked to create seamlessly blended textures that would produce realistic looks with an authentic color payoff on all skin tones.


In order to showcase the entire range of products and their combinations, we created two randomized within the project: lipsticks and lipliners. To achieve a natural outcome, we put emphasis on getting to perfect blend of lip colors and users’ skin tones. Finding the perfect blend mode for each color resulted in everyone being able to experience the “Speak Love” collection in a genuinely natural form.

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