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VALdÉ beauty "valdÉverse"

"Working with Maquillar Studio was nothing short of amazing. Despite the technical challenges the project posed, the team succeeded in creating a unique transformative luxury experience that pushed the limits of modern brand storytelling. The looks on our customers’ faces while experiencing the Valdéverse were priceless!"

margarita arriagada, founder of valdE beauty

Results of the campaign:


Within the first seven months

5,600 OPENS

In seven months with 10% interaction rate


Average open time on the day of the release on-site



The luxury brand Valdé Beauty was founded by Margarita Arriagada, a beauty industry veteran and a role model to women entrepreneurs. Her bold lipstick shades in sumptuous packaging, the metaphors for armor, are designed to empower women and bring to the surface their inner confidence. The Brand’s visionary approach to formulation science, sustainability, and artistic mission set a new standard for luxury beauty.

Screenshot 2022-08-02 at 5.04_edited.jpg


Our goal was to create a Valdé Beauty shopping experience that is just as exceptional as its products. The idea was to combine the experience of being present in both a physical retail space and in an AR world to elevate the luxury experience of retail shopping in a manner that’s never been done before. At the same time, providing users with a new way to engage with the brand.


In collaboration with Valdé Beauty and Image Works Display, we set out to reshape brand storytelling by creating a real-world Metaverse—a mixed reality experience that a user can access through their phone.
​We’ve seen incredible excitement from users of the filter and a record-breaking engagement time surpassing a minute on average, proving to retain a person's curiosity by three times the average length.

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