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"Working with Maquillar Studio was nothing short of amazing. Despite the technical challenges the project posed, the team succeeded in creating a unique transformative luxury experience that pushed the limits of modern brand storytelling. The looks on our customers’ faces while experiencing the Valdéverse were priceless!"

margarita arriagada, founder of valdé beauty

Results after maquillar



788,400 OPENS






Luxury lipstick brand Valdé Beauty features a range of vegan, cruelty-free and refillable lip products. Each comes in its own Valdé Armour casing, which is crafted with meticulous attention to aesthetic form and performance.

Valdé was founded by Margarita Arriagada, a fashion, home interior and beauty industry veteran and champion of women entrepreneurs. Valdé has become an artistic tribute to all women. A call to action for each individual to overcome fear, strip away preconceptions and write her own destiny.

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We searched for a way for brands to attain significant organic social media reach through user generated content, regardless of the scale of their initial following.

Realizing the power of the creator culture in growing one's brand, we sought out ways to best serve the needs of individual creatives while inspiring them to create personalized brand-related content.


We focused on designing a filter that would allow us to create a stronger brand presence by harnessing the power of independent creators.

"Euphoria" contributed to an exponential increase in Maquillar brand visibility through free user-generated content in the format of Reels. It began with one influencer recreating a makeup look from our filter, which gained 1M impressions and became a viral trend. The number of impressions grew to 2.4M after other users adopted the idea and created similar Reels.

The project proved that organic engagement and great visibility can be achieved through consumer-generated content, regardless of the scale of the brand, highlighting that AR projects bring the highest return when designed with content creators in mind.

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